Motorway Driving


Motorway driving can provide some newly qualified, and experienced drivers with nerves and worries. As a learner driver there are restrictions in law that can prevent or limit any driving on motorways. At Safe As.... we are more than happy to sit with you and give you the confidence and reassurance that you have the required knowledge and skills to drive on motorways.

We have a motorway lesson prepared that we find normally accommodates most pupils needs. We will discuss this with you before we start and ensure that we have listened to all of your concerns. Our lesson is normally for a three hour session and has been designed to take you on the M23 & M25, however if there is a route that you specifically would like us to assist you with we would be more than happy to oblige.

The lesson that we have prepared will include the following driving techniques.

• Motorway Slip Roads. Having the confidence and knowledge to join and exit a motorway from a slip road. Learning how to give consideration to other vehicles entering or leaving a motorway.

• Awareness & Planning. Maintaining a good road position, being aware of road signs and markings. We will teach you how to become more aware of others, how to maintain a safe distance to other vehicles.  How to plan your driving whilst on the move so that all movements are safe, smooth and respectful to other drivers. All of this whilst safely maintaining a speed that is normally faster than your regular daily driving.

• Overtaking or Changing lanes. Deciding when it is necessary to overtake or to change lanes and to carry out the procedure safely with the use of effective observations and consideration for other road users.

• Breakdowns & Use of the Hard Shoulder. The necessary actions that you are required to take should you be unfortunate and suffer a mechanical breakdown. How to ensure you maintain full concentration without becoming tired. How to use the the hard shoulder safely and the correct procedures required when doing so.