Pass Plus


The Pass Plus course has been designed to further your driving skills after passing your Driving Test. Not only will you will benefit from additional driving skills that were not covered in your driving lessons, but you may also receive discounts from your Insurance Company in your premium.

The Pass Plus course consist of 6 modules and a minimum of 6 hours driver training. There is no test at the end of the course, your Instructor will assess your driving and will issue you with the certificate when you have achieved the required level on each of the modules. The modules that are covered in the Pass Plus are:
•    Urban Driving
•    Dual Carriageways
•    Motorway Driving
•    Country Roads
•    All Weather Driving
•    Night Driving

If you have any specific requests for additional training that you would like covered in your Pass Plus course or places that you would like to drive to, we will do our best to accommodate them. If you speak to your Driving Instructor at the beginning of the course, they can plan the course accordingly.