Refresher Lessons


Safe As …. understands that there may be various circumstances that have prevented you from driving since passing your driving test. It may also be that you wish to seek reassurance of your driving in a new or different car. Unfortunately it may also be that you have suffered a setback, or a  loss of confidence following an incident, such as an accident. Whatever the reason Safe As …. will be more than happy to assist you with regaining the confidence that you once had.


Safe As.... would be more than happy for the lesson to be in whichever vehicle you choose. We are happy to provide a training vehicle or to use your own car, providing it is roadworthy and legal.


We will listen to what you feel are the areas of most concern to you. There may be areas that you feel require further development or there may be areas that you have not experienced before.  Together we will agree a course of sessions designed to provide you with the maximum benefit and to give you the confidence and reassurance to continue your driving experience.